Q:  Who can participate?

A:  Individuals, churches, families, etc...if you have a passion to go we have a desire to connect you to the global need.

Q:  How long are most trips?

A:  Most trips are between 1 and 2 weeks.  We can customize the number of days any trip to meet your scheduling needs.

Q:  Do a need a valid passport?

A:  Yes.  If you do not have a passport…don’t wait, apply today.  It is always easier and less expensive to apply for your passport before a trip is on the calendar.

Q:  What is included in the cost?

A:  Your in-country expenses include all transportation, lodging, meals, insurance, excursion, etc.  They only fund’s you need on a trip are for you souvenirs.

Q:  Are shots required? If so which ones?

A:   Although you always want to be current on the CDC’s recommended vaccinations, additional vaccinations are dependent on where you are traveling.  For example, If you are traveling to Guatemala, there are no required vaccinations; if you are traveling to West Africa there are required vaccinations.

Q:  What are the physical demands of a trip?

A:  While some trips are more physically demanding than others, you will find any trip more enjoyable if you prepare a few months prior to a trip by walking a few miles a few times a week.  The climate of the country where you are traveling (ex: the heat of West Africa) can also be difficult.

Q:  What happens if I get sick or hurt?

A:  Every traveler with GBSI is provided with medical evacuation insurance.  Should an unfortunate accident occur, you would be provided quality medical care.

Q:  Are there any dangers in the country we are traveling to?

A:  While no destination in the world can guarantee you safe passage, GBSI and our in-country partners have done, and will continue to mitigate security risks.


Global Business Solutions Institute finds its purpose in sharing the love and compassion of Christ to enhance the lives of the needy and alleviate poverty around the globe.